What you can expect from
The Giver Marketing Network

1. We start with highly effective coaching

This allows us to draw out your brand personality and strengths.

Initially, this means that the focus is on taking action and getting results not primarily new information or tools.

Coaching is proven to produce 529% more results than going it alone. 

Consulting is primarily fixing problems and may be needed along the way, but is generally after some initial coaching experiences which are the fastest path to revenue.

2. You can pause or upgrade with a 30-day notice

No contracts, simply month-to-month experiences and services which allow us to earn your business every month. 

This is one of the reasons we are the highest-rated network of marketing professionals.

3. Appointments, sessions, and meetings can be adjusted or rescheduled

Please message your service provider a minimum of three days before your upcoming meeting to reschedule.

Set a time here to explore next steps www.givermarketing.com/schedule

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