JADE:Marketing Made Simple through the Story of a Rising Real Estate Agent

Does modern marketing make you want to cry?

Do you feel like you don’t have what it takes to build your business?

Jade is intented to be the answer.

Our book, Jade, shares the Giver Marketing Blueprint so that readers can learn marketing principles in a simple and straightforward way.

Whether you are a solopreneur, or a biz owner who runs a team of 50, this book is for you!

By reading this book, you will:


  • Increase attention and appointments by leveraging story
  • Enjoy learning how to improve your own marketing plan
  • Increase ROI by locking these marketing principles into your long term memory


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Short Book Summary

Jade is a real estate agent in the fictional town of Wanateague trying to grow her business by selling homes in the upscale Louiston neighborhood. She struggled with social anxiety but was determined to succeed.

JADE by Timothy Morgan Book Cover 4Jade meets a marketing coach named Theo who introduces her to his “Giver Marketing Blueprint” to develop her personal brand and marketing strategy. The Blueprint focuses on four main components:

– Branding
– Visibility
– Promotion
– Nurturing

Theo advises Jade to start by clarifying her brand identity and origin story first before increasing her visibility. Together they develop Jade’s brand around helping families find safe, comfortable homes.

Jade meets movie actor Rudyard at a gala and they begin dating. Rudyard is considering moving back to the Midwest from Hollywood.

Jade’s cousin Pete wants to sell his large mansion in Louiston. While pet-sitting, Jade accidentally poisons Pete’s dog Versailles. Worried she lost Pete’s business, she confesses at a charity event. Pete still wants Jade to list his home, resulting in a big sale and commission for her business.

After persevering through setbacks using the marketing principles she learned, Jade succeeds in growing her real estate business. Rudyard proposes to Jade and tells her about co-hosting a real estate TV show, poised to boost her success further.

Key themes include defining your brand before promoting it, applying marketing fundamentals patiently, overcoming obstacles through perseverance, and nurturing relationships over time. The story ends with Jade finding love and business growth through authentic relationship-building and marketing strategy.

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