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Our Story

Timothy Morgan founded his first business in 1993 and quickly realized that a simple and effective marketing strategy was needed to increase revenue. By implementing a basic marketing system he grew the business to over 1000 customers and sold the company to his apprentice. With over a decade of experience working with nonprofits and small businesses, principles and patterns began to emerge that would prove to be the backbone of the “Four Hour Marketing Blueprint”. After training in modern methods at a well-respected agency in Austin TX, Giver Marketing was launched in Northern California to serve the small business and nonprofit.

Now the highest rated and review agency of marketing coaches in the country we pride ourself in seeing significant revenue increase for our clients in as little as 30 days. Our initial coaching program is a one hour commitment per week for a total of four weeks. We offer both 1-on-1 and group coaching experiences. For more information about our (LIVE) online and in-person sessions, please set up a 10-minutes discovery call through the button below and we will call at the time you pick.

Core Values

1. Give Value

2. Over Deliver

3. Measure Results

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