The Giver Marketing Story

Causes, companies and leaders doing good in the world need help in getting the word out! After coaching, consulting and collaborating with thousands of NGO’s (non-government organizations) we started a marketing agency with a focus on giving back as central to the mission. As reputation built a network of marketing professionals joined forces and rallied to strengthen the messaging of organizations making a difference in local communities and beyond.

Our clients have now rated us the highest-reviewed network of marketing coaches and specialists on the planet. Now a multiplying movement of marketing messengers, our mission is to bring awareness to meaningful socially conscious organizations.

From there, our foundational Giver Marketing Blueprint blossomed into a genuine, authentic and efficient approach to prospecting which leverages a synthesis of classic principles and modern technology. Our clients have now rated us the highest-reviewed network of marketing coaches and specialists on the planet. After coaching, consulting and collaborating thousands of organizations we evolved into a multiplying movement of marketing messengers bringing awareness to causes and companies who do good in the world.

Why us?

We take the confusion and frustration out of marketing by training leaders and teams on how to bring awareness to your brand while starting more valuable conversations with your audience. Our focus is implementing a proven strategy that saves time and increases revenue. We are obsessed with maximizing your marketing dollar. If you are hungry to grow your business, coachable and want more valuable conversations quickly, schedule a 10 minute discovery call below (no cost) with coach Timothy Morgan.

What to expect

Within 30 days you will learn the Giver Marketing Blueprint from a certified marketing coach and be on your way to becoming generating amazing conversations and appointments with your audience. Our goal is to take the mystery out of marketing while producing conversations that matter most to your organization.

Our Superpower (X-factor)

We share our special sauce with everyone. By pulling the curtain back, we take the frustration out of marketing and have a special ability to show others how to generate conversations with a target audience using a clearly defined process.

G.R.E.A.T Core Principles

Generosity: Give massive value with appropriate boundaries.
Results: Over-deliver and measure activity, so positive adjustments can be made.
Efficiency: Organize and prioritize, then use systems and automation.
Attitude: Be authentic, but stay positive while looking for solutions.
Transparency: Communicate what’s important with clients and your team. Don’t hide mistakes.

The four-step Giver Marketing Blueprint was developed to bring clarity to a noisy space.

What problem do we solve?

Companies and causes need a trusted voice with an actionable marketing strategy that produces results (not confusing or a time suck). We have a 4 step solution that produces a magnetic brand, visibility, promotion and nurturing system very quickly.

Why Coaching First?

Clients have continued to request that we explain and train on how we outperformed so many other agencies. The need was growing larger, so we began a certification process to help others offer proven coaching and marketing services. Our coaching and done-for-you services via the Giver Marketing Network are based on a “No Contract” and “Give Value” approach. The four-step Giver Marketing Blueprint was developed to bring clarity to a noisy space. Clients have become raving fans and we love sharing our special sauce with you. Search Giver Marketing online to see what our clients say about us, then let’s grab a quick call to discuss possibilities.

Vision (why) we exist to:

Give massive amounts of positive attention to leaders, causes and companies doing good in the world.

Mission (how) by being:

The most trusted and generous network of marketing specialists on the planet.

Offering (what) with focus on:

We solve marketing problems that unlock sales by giving access to talented specialists focused on increasing revenue. Our certified coaches and other professional marketing services bring more sales conversations and appointments to your organization. Our “special sauce” is found in the Giver Marketing Blueprint focused on a clear 4 step track to save time and generate massive results.


A world of generous movements people know about.


We believe that promoting others can be very profitable for all involved.


We bring positive attention to causes and companies doing good in the world.

Super Goal:

The preferred network of marketing coaches and specialists for 1 million organizations worldwide.


We generate marketing momentum that unlocks revenue by giving access to creative and communication talent.


Your monthly subscription gives access to trusted marketing specialists on-call. The actionable signature coaching experience releases done-for-you services to maximize results. No more pushy sales and long-term contracts.

Perfect Audience:

Cause or company that needs outsourced training or done-for-you marketing services.

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