L3 Dimensions of Marketing: 8-12 sessions
Branding, Visibility, Promotion

Great marketing is trust building communication with target audience and a clear next step or “Call-To-Action”.

Kickstart: Marketing Review www.givermarketing.com/20q

Branding: Emotional connection to your audience

  1. Story + Why = Inspiration + Solution (Hero’s Journey) Call, Trial, Victory www.inc.com/geeta-nadkarni/heres-an-easy-way-to-become-a-millionaire-just-tel.html
  2. 5 Senses (Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch)

Exercise: Share your story+why  in 1 min or less video and post it on social media.

Visibility:  Online / Offline  Are easy to find or are you the best kept secret in town?

  1. Website, Social Media, Directories, Reviews,(W.S.D.R.)  *FB, LinkedIn (B2B Alignable), Yelp page etc
  2. SEO (Start w Google My Business), Building Signage / Vehicle Lettering (for prospects)

Resources: www.vendasta.com/blog/top-100-online-business-directories / SEP www.5starreviewchallenge.com  / www.Yext.com /  https://sotellus.com Video App

Exercise: Incognito Search (first name, city and industry), Update Directories, Write a Blog


  1. 3c’s (Clarity, Consistency, Creativity)
  2. R.E.P.O.R.T.

Referrals (Ask current clients…start w Linkedin / FB connections)
Email (Great content monthly, then move to weekly if seeing results, try MailChimp/Snap)
Print (Must be extremely targeted w strong CTA, track results, try hyper local postcards/mags)
Online (Social Media posts/ads… NO YELP/YODLE sites Alignable / apps HomeAdvisor/Takl)
Radio (Start small, try for interviews and bring someone to go live on FB or record video)
TV (Tell your story, practice including your CTA, get the video file when finished/published!)

Exercise: A/B test FB ads or Google ads, email campaign…(analytics and tools)


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