Do you lead a marketing team?

Are you a marketing specialist?




You Want to Join Us if…


You want access to
high-quality marketing talent without having to hire full-time staff


You’re wanting a sense of community, a supportive team that truly loves to network and help one another


You are looking for business advice from coaches, mentors, and marketing professionals


You’d like the opportunity for more clients from referrals


You are ready to grow your business

As a Professional Marketer, You Could

  • Continue to struggle on your own
  • Get business advice from friends and family who aren’t marketers
  • Hope to find answers to your questions from self-help books and YouTube videos
  • Waste a lot of time and money learning by trial and error
  • Give up on being an entrepreneur and go get a “real” job

Being a Professional Marketer can be Overwhelming

As a solo marketer, you have to do everything on your own:


  • Find clients through lead generation
  • Know all the answers to your client’s problems
  • Solve your own business problems
  • No one to bounce ideas off
  • Plan and execute marketing for your clients
  • Find time to do your own marketing

As a Marketing Agency, you have unique challenges:


  • As an agency owner, everyone relies on you

  • Responsible for earning enough money to support your employees

  • Lead gen can get expensive

  • Hiring and training employees is time and money intensive

  • High employee turnover makes your business unstable

Join Our Community of Marketing Specialists and get access to:

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Meet with other marketing professionals and solve business problems together
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LIVE Showcase

Promote yourself as an expert by showcasing your skills LIVE on 8 social media channels

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Increase your opportunities by developing relationships with other marketing professionals

Slack Workspace

Access to all members through Slack. Reach out and build relationships!
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Facebook Group

An opportunity to interact in our Facebook group that includes marketers and business owners

Imagine the Benefits of having a Marketing Community to Support You

Approved members enjoy the following benefits:

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