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Small business owners and community leaders need a simple actionable marketing strategy that is not a time suck while still being affordable. Some marketing agencies don’t want to share their “secret sauce”, well that’s all we do…which is why clients rave about us.


The Giver Marketing Blueprint is a 4 step solution that produces results quickly and requires no contracts. Within 30 days you can learn what produces massive results from a certified marketing coach and be on your way to engaging your audience more effectively and generating meaningful conversations, which lead to more sales!

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We are a boutique agency, but clients have rated us the highest-reviewed network of marketing specialists on the planet!

What Businesses Are Saying

In just a few short sessions, Timothy helped me land three major accounts. I’ve been in my industry for 20 years and this is incredible! Timothy’s expertise as a marketing coach shines through.
Anna Stowe


Marketing today is more difficult than ever. Online and digital marketing is a complex maze but Timothy cuts through that complexity and makes it manageable.
Tyler Lang

Financial Advisor

Timothy has put together a great suite of modules to assist companies of any size. His intrinsic understanding of what motivates people to respond, to act, and to purchase gives him a leading edge.
Aric R

Business Consultant

Giving Focused Business

Giving Focused Business

Several years ago we noticed that marketing was becoming more and more complex, the industry was known for taking instead of giving, so we simplified the process and incorporated a philanthropic focus. Everyone knows that building a sustainable business consists of...

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7 Marketing Moments

7 Marketing Moments

1. Introduction to connect and gather information (video chat, email, in person or phone call) 2. Brief email “Stay connected/Good connecting” (Mention how you connected, no sales ask) 3. Social Media friend/connect (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram,...

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Who Is Your Marketing Coach?

Who Is Your Marketing Coach?

As your marketing coach, my job is to maximize your time spent on three areas of your business (or organization); branding, visibility, and promotion. What that means to you is we generate quality client and prospect interaction, ultimately leading to more sales. CEO...

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