Several years ago we noticed that marketing was becoming more and more complex, the industry was known for taking instead of giving, so we simplified the process and incorporated a philanthropic focus. Everyone knows that building a sustainable business consists of generating revenue, but many believe it should also include a long-term benefit to clients and the community alike. We have noticed that many businesses with an element of generosity can develop extraordinary financial success while extremely resilient because of support from its raving fans and goodwill.

When Giver Marketing came on the scene, it started as a traditional done-for-you services agency. Soon, clients began asking our team for advice beyond the menu of options. We explored the benefits of showing other companies the “secret sauce” behind this giving model of business.

So how did this boutique agency become the highest rated and reviewed network of marketing coaches in the world?

One of the things we ask people when they are starting a business is if they have a purpose beyond profit. The best way to know the answer to that question is to ask why the organization exists.

If our sole purpose is to start and sell quickly, then immediate revenue may be the priority. Makes sense right? But it is important to know our ultimate intentions before beginning. If the dream is to make a difference in your community and beyond, then you are starting a purpose-focused business. Socially conscious businesses offer additional value with a giving-back element.

For instance, Tom’s Shoes, which is an abbreviated name for Tomorrow’s Shoes, gives away one pair of shoes to people in need for every pair someone purchases. That encourages people who purchase Tom’s Shoes to know their purchases are helping to make a difference. They now offer other apparel with a give-back element as well, business is good!

Perhaps you cannot give away a free pair of shoes, but that does not mean you cannot create a giving focused business model. Donating a certain percentage of your revenue to a charity you preselect or one of your client’s favorite charities is a great start. We match our client’s dollar for dollar with a dedicated percentage of revenue in the form of a recurring grant, we partner with our clients and donate to those charities to which they donate.

By starting a giving-focused business, we do something good and help bridge the gap among people. We bring people of different races, religions, political views, and other naturally divisive arenas together and accomplish a common good. Business with a purpose not only serves the community but also empower others. It’s a practical type of pay-it-forward collaboration.

While there are many people who only talk about doing good and bridging barriers that divide us, we can build those bridges. Try surprising people in your community, who are going through financial hardship, by offering a Thanksgiving meal. Maybe organize a community cleanup or help a family in need. There are many ways we can leverage business to give back. However, you choose to give back, know that bridging the gap often begins by serving others in your own neighborhood.

When you create something of value that helps solve problems, you bring people together. And when you bring people together to serve a common purpose, these advocates become like “social cement.” They create awareness of a need, and more people join in to create greater awareness. The impact of a purpose-driven business can go viral.

Though, just because your business has a giving aspect, it does not mean your business will go viral. It is important to incorporate your giving aspect into your marketing strategy. One way to do that is to give something of extreme importance to your client.

In other words, give them something they find valuable. It also means you will need to pay attention to your clients’ needs, so you will know what will best serve them. The key is to give something to your potential client before you try to sell anything to them.

Another way to establish your business as a giving-focused business is to highlight a charity of the month in a small way. You can do that by promoting them on your social media platforms and other marketing efforts. When highlighting the charity you support, focus on why you partner with this organization. Once you establish your business’s giving aspect into your marketing strategy, you will want to become more visible in the marketplace. That means you will want to promote well. Social media is a great way to promote your business and often your best brand ambassadors are satisfied customers and organizations you partner with.

By creating an easy way for your ambassadors to refer you to other people who may benefit from your services, you create a type of marketing funnel. That will cause your business to become more noticed, and that positive visibility can cause positive results.

All of that may not happen right away, but it will happen given enough time and with the right strategy. The giver marketing strategy I developed focuses on helping businesses to establish themselves as a purpose-focused business with the intention of giving back in some way. They can give to a local charity or an organization outside of your region. The point is to include a giving element in your marketing model.

Setting yourself apart from the competition and branding yourself as being a business that is about building goodwill, can be extremely impactful to your audience. The economy now runs just as much on purpose as it does on profit. When we work together to accomplish a greater good, we all benefit. The feeling of doing something meaningful for others can be a powerful fuel for business growth and positivity. Ultimately it comes down to one question. “What is the best way for your business to make money while helping others?”

Know a nonprofit that needs help partnering with businesses? Ask about our resources for nonprofits.

Are you a business owner who wants to give back? To learn more about making a social impact while building your company set a time to discuss (no cost, no obligation).

Timothy Morgan
Founder / CEO
Giver Marketing
“Coaching for good”

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