1. Introduction to connect and gather information (video chat, email, in person or phone call)

2. Brief email “Stay connected/Good connecting” (Mention how you connected, no sales ask)

3. Social Media friend/connect (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc)

4. Give something of value (gift cert, info, product, referral, or other resources)

5. Invite to like/join/attend Social Media page, group or special event

6. Private note/message/text expressing a desire to meet with prospect and set appointment (give 2 specific date options)

7. Phone call to confirm appointment or learn more about prospect needs (No answer?…don’t leave message unless necessary, text confirmation if possible)

Bonus Tip:
eNewsletters and Social Media posts are meant to be an additional reminder showcasing interesting and/or fun aspects of your brand. Generally these mass communication mediums will not produce sales by themselves, they are meant to create an additional “outbound” impression to compliment the other marketing and sales activity.

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